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Never Assume You Won’t Be Pre-Approved For A Mortgage

It All Starts With Belief!

 To often I see people that’s interested in becoming a home owner rule themselves out because of general internet home buying advice. Everyone’s situation is completely different and there are ways to becoming a home owner with a variation of different credit scores and down payments saved.


Never rule yourself out without speaking to the local professionals in the real estate industry. If you want to become a homeowner, it all starts with belief.



If your goal in 2018 is to become an owner of a home. The first set of advice that I will provide is to not assume that you won’t be pre-approved for a mortgage.

Now of course there is general advice out there, such as it’s great to have a strong credit score. As well as a twenty percent down payment saved.

But keep in mind that there are programs out there designed specifically for some home buyers that can assist you in things, such as your down payment and closing cost.

So never assume that you will not be pre-approved for mortgage.

It’s always great to speak with the lender and learn exactly what is out there in each state, so you can become a home owner.

If you would like me to introduce you to a lender and get started in the home buying process you can reach me at or 503-866-2761 (Text or Call)

I’m here to answer any questions you have about the real estate process as your local real estate agent.

I look forward to helping you find your next dream home!